Classical maniacs Igudesman & Joo

Two products of the Yehudi Menuhin School have joined forces globally to wreak comedic havoc upon the classical music circuit.

Profile on CNN –

Just from a broad sampling of their YouTube offerings one can hear very good musical technique while sensing some rather uneven results in their comedy stylings.

Here are selected some of the best vids, others having been deemed very corny indeed, tiresome or diffuse, over long on “laffs” and short on music. Frankly, it is hard to imagine enduring an entire concert of these guys without a major supporting cast of accomplices on the order of John Malkovich, Viktoria Mullova and a willing, competent orchestra who might agree to join the duo on stage for some serious relief and entertainment. The act really does better interacting with other performers and a master of ceremonies to move things along (as with their Odessa gig, the only vid where the thought came, “Gosh, I wish I was there !”). Having such company on stage seems to keep the duo’s cornball excesses in check.

“I Will Survive” (in Odessa) –

“Where is the remote ?!” –

.“Being John . . .”

Some of the routines seem borrow a page from the book of Victor Borge and perhaps Jack Benny (in the normal world of music-making, Mullova is fantastic as a “straight” player, by the way) –








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