Sushi bar must cover up

In The Gazette

MONTREAL – A Montreal restaurant has been ordered to put up a new sign, after the name “Fukyu Bar à Sushi” was said to be in bad taste by a Quebec Superiour Court judge. Named after a type of kata practised in Japanese martial arts, “Fukyu” may have been a hit with certain diners who snickered and took pictures of the sign outside the recently-opened Côte des Neiges restaurant. It was less amusing to the judge, who sided with the Jean Talon St. restaurant’s landlord and neighbouring tenants. “As it is, the word is clearly inappropriate given its meaning when pronounced in a Montreal context,” wrote Judge Kirkland Casgrain in his Aug. 23 decision which gave restaurant part-owner John De Melo 24 hours to cover up the word “Fukyu.”


Fukyu Kata
Fu means “universal”, “wide(ly)” kyu means “reach out”, “exert”, “exercise”, “cause.” As a compound, it can mean “dissemination”; reading the kanji separately, it can mean “universal exercise.” Therefore, Fukyu kata can be understood to mean “universal exercise kata for wide dissemination.”




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