A truly mechanical translation

‘Twas to Google in search of the proper pronunciation of Onslow (the punning family motto : Festina lente – “On slow”) —which is the surname of a now-forgotten Anglo-French composer and up popped this result (more or less unbidden) from a Microsoft service called NeedleSeek [“A sub-project of the Sempute (Semantic Computing) project in WSM group, MSRA”] :

George Onslow (to pronounce onzlo) is a type-setter French, born with Clermont-Ferrand the July 27th 1784 and deceased in this same city the October 3rd 1853.
Yes indeed, George Onslow, hailed in his day as “the French Beethoven”, was this “type-setter French” — which was how a heedless robot misapprehended the phrase compositeur français in most unmusical fashion. Born in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne in 1784, Onslow took musical instruction from Cramer in London, studied the pianoforte with Dussek in Hamburg, and composition with Reicha in Paris. He died in 1853.


String Quartet No. 29 in D minor, Op.55 – I. Allegro –





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