I Got A Thing For You, Baby (Saudi complaints)


When Johnson & Johnson applied for the .baby name, it was likely thinking it was a great way to promote its line of well-known baby products. However, in its complaint, the Saudi Arabian government says the name could be used to host pornographic websites, and that “pornography undermines gender equality and threatens public morals.” The government uses the same reason in objections to various sex-related top-level domains, including .porn, .sexy, .adult, .hot, .sex, .dating and .virgin.



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attempted to block a Vatican bid to create new web addresses ending in .catholic, arguing that it “cannot demonstrate that it possesses a monopoly over the term ‘Catholic’”. The objection is one of more than 160 sent by the Saudis to ICANN, the body in charge of web addresses, over its plan to allow hundreds of new “top-level domains” to supplement .com, .co [dot] uk and other existing suffixes.


The Saudis also objected to .tattoo as tattooing is prohibited in Islam and Judaism and to .bar on grounds that because of its association with alcohol the term ‘promotes activities that can be detrimental to public order and morals’. A similar plan to create a .pub top-level domain aimed primarily at British landlords also angered the Saudi government.





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