London street names in ‘The Public Eye’ (1972 film)

The Public Eye is a stylish English film set and shot in London in 1972 (and there are lots of classic city locations and sights in it).

In this scene Julian (played by Topol) leads Belinda (Mia Farrow, four years after she had borne Rosemary’s Baby) on a very groovy walking tour of several London streets, all with ostensibly culinary names –

Carol Reed directed it, John Barry composed the score, and Peter Shaffer (of Amadeus fame) wrote the script based on his own play entitled The Public Eye (though the film’s original British title was Follow Me!).

Note the year of release so as to avoid confusion with similar titles.





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    Gracias, Manon. That ‘Bitácora’ page is very nicely done in jet black.

    In the coming weeks you can find more film clips here in ‘A Drink With Clarence Mangan’ – most often to convey some musical angle.




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