Philharmonic Name Game [the solutions]

ANSWERS to Philharmonic Name Game :

1. Vladimir Ashkenazy
[Ashkenazy is the transliterated Hebrew word for “German” = tedesco in Italian]

2. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
[He was the second surviving son of the great Sebastian Bach ; Ger. Bach = “brook”]

3. Thomas Beecham
[No, “Masetto” was not a bungled anagram of Maestro – it’s a diminutive form of Tomaso. Anciently this British conductor’s family surname had been Anglicised from its original French form Beauchamp. Maestro Beecham was the founder and first Musical Director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. His grandfather was the chemist who produced Beecham’s Pills and Powders.]

4. Ludwig van Beethoven
[Batavia is the Latin name for the semi-legendary homeland of the Dutch, the island of Betawe, “place where beets are grown”, which is also the meaning of Beethoven]

5. Alban Berg
[Latin albus = “white” ; Ger. Berg = “mountain” = Fr. montaigne ; surname Montaine]

6. Frank Bridge
[A name most often seen in the composition title Variations on A Theme of Frank Bridge by Benjamin Britten ; It. ponte = “bridge”]

7. John Cage
[Italian word coppola = “cage”]

8. Marc-Antoine Charpentier
[Fr. charpentier = “carpenter, joiner”]

9. Carl Czerny
[Czech word černý = “black” = It. nero]

10. Claude Debussy
[The composer was born Achille-Claude de Bussy; this original Burgundian form of his surname is locational: de Bussy]

11. Antonín Dvořák
[Czech dvůr = “royal or noble court, court yard, manor house, farm” ; Curtis = Fr. courtois, “courteous, courtly, from the court”]

12. Christoph Willibald Gluck
[Gluck became the French form of the composer’s name ; the German original Glück means “luck, fortune”]

13. Joseph Haydn
[Ger. Haydn, Heiden = “peasant” = It. paesano]

14. Johann Nepomuk Hummel
[Ger. Hummel = “bumblebee” = Fr. bourdon ; incidental note : Saint John of Nepomuk was a patron of Austria-Hungary, where Hummel was born in the city of Pressburg]

15. Sigiswald Kuijken
[Nederlandse kuijken = “chick, chicken” ; Sigiswald Kuijken is a prominent early music conductor of our day]

16. György Ligeti
[Hung. liget = “grove” ; ligeti = “of the grove”]

17. Franz Liszt
[Hung. liszt = “flour” = It. farina]

18. Claudio Monteverdi

19. Carl Nielsen ; Gaelic Mac (Mc) = Danish suffix –sen = “son”

20. Luigi Nono
[It. nono = “the Ninth” ; compare Pio Nono = Pius IX]

21. Giuseppe Sinopoli
[The “Chinatown” part comes from a fancifully putative form of Sinopolis ; cf. Napoli for Naples, originally named Neapolis – “New City”- by ancient Greek colonists in Italy]

22. Bedřich Smetana
[Czech smetana = “cream”]

23. Nikolai Tcherepnin
[Ger. Schädel = “skull” = Russ. tcherep]

24. Michael Tilson Thomas
[This American conductor’s grandparents, who were famous Yiddish theatre stars in New York, bore a form of his family’s Slavic name, Thomashefsky]

25. Peter Warlock
[an assumed name ; he was born Philip Heseltine]



The puzzle was invented by the present author. ~Q~










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