Piping & fiddling in Dingle

Two young champions of their respective instruments in Ireland are Sean McKeown on the uilleann pipes (uilleann means “elbow” applied to a bellows action), and Liam O’Connor with his fiddle. Very well known as festival musicians and contenders in competitions, they have appeared as a duo on the Irish television show “The Full Set” as broadcast from St. James’s Church in Dingle, County Kerry. The presentation is linked here to comprise continuous play of four videos. –


Sean and Liam went down to the public house to play a few jigs over a pint of stout, don’t ye know (and by the way, the name of the jig billed as An Buachaillín Buí means “The Yellow-Haired Boy” in Gaelic, and this was the nom de plume of a well known writer in the language in its older spelling of An Buachaillín Buidhe). –







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