Part the Second, which shows “Another Song from the same Coptic” by Mangan, with other translators of the Goethe considered as well.








ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية


In a previous article, I wrote about Goethe’s Kophtisches Lied (Coptic Song). Now I would like to talk about his other Coptic song, Ein Andres, which is sometimes called Kophtisches LiedII, and is often translated Another (Coptic Song). The reader will recognise that we said both poems were written by Goethe in 1787 as part of a musical play (Die Mystificierten) he first composed while in Italy that year, but when he returned back to his country he abandoned it. Only fragments of that play have been preserved, including these two songs. Later on, in 1814, Goethe published them, with other poems, in his poetic work, Gesellige Lieder (Convivial Songs).[i]

The Ein Andres is a strong song – the English language reader will appreciate that when he or she comes to its various English translations below; but, first…

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