The Boy From County Hell: – A Drink With Shane MacGowan by Victoria Mary Clarke

A life of Shane MacGowan, whose lyric gift was touched by Clarence Mangan’s poetic influence and abiding presence.

The Wessex Literary Review

513MH8v3t7LMost people who know the name Shane MacGowan probably have him pegged as a stereotypical drunken paddy, fronting The Pogues as a whirlwind of frenzied punk inspired folk music and alcohol try to beat him to the floor in a dishevelled and undignified manner. This is because at the time that the band had reached its highest commercial success, it had also become the thing that he had tried to avoid all along, a serious band with one eye on the cash till and the other on the front cover of NME. MacGowan’s idea of rebranding Irish folk for the modern era and delivering a tongue in cheek party style performance had long since gone out of the window and in an effort to get through the sad fact that his creation had been hijacked by less imaginative souls, he had taken to sabotaging the band with his drunken and…

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