Late 1920s cards celebrating Irish place names.

’T was Paradise on Earth awhile, and then no more.
Ah! what avail my vigils pale, my magic lore?
She shone before mine eyes awhile, and then no more.
The shallop of my peace is wrecked on Beauty’s shore.
Near Hope’s fair isle it rode awhile, and then no more!

.                                        – Mangan

Come Here To Me!

These beautiful cards from the late 1920s come from the collection of the New York Public Libraries, and are part of a much broader collection of fifty cards dealing with historic Irish place names. They were produced by Player’s Cigarettes in two sets of twenty-five, and while I’ve just chosen a selection of Dublin related cards here, the whole collection is worth seeing. They include some beautiful traditional iconography and are today very collectable. Credit is due to the NYPL for scanning them and making them available online to the public.

According to Adam’s auctioneers and to the National Library of Ireland, they are the work of the celebrated artist Jack B. Yeats (1871-1957), who is today best remembered for works like The Liffey Swim. Indeed, that particular painting was so celebrated it won him an Olympic medal in 1924. His medal can be seen on this page of the National…

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